​International Certified Financial Professional is the body of choice for professionals in the securities and investment industry in a number of major financial centers globally. We function to set standards of professional excellence and integrity for the securities and investment industry, providing qualifications and promoting the highest level of competence to our members, individuals and firm

ITA is the exclusive licensing authority for the INTERNATIONAL CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL designation. This is an internationally recognized qualification that is awarded to individuals that fulfil stringent experience and knowledge requirements and have been appropriately tested.

An ICFP professional is a Financial Planner who has completed this high level qualification and also abides by our strict code of ethics and professional practice standards.

It’s very important that your financial planner is someone that you can trust, has the required knowledge and skill to help you achieve your goals in life.

Accredited professionals are monitored annually to ensure that they maintain the highest standards and can continue to deliver the valuable service you expect and deserve.

Financial planning is a very crucial step which should be executed with precision as finance is the bloodline of a business. This is where the role of financial planner becomes crucial to any business. To receive ITA certification, a financial professional must go through our process in order to build his or her skills. Our 3 segments of criteria prepare offers the knowledge and tools he or she requires in order to receives the ITA certification.

"Our personal finance qualifications cater for all levels of knowledge and experience, from new entrants through to seasoned professionals. The qualification framework allows you to create your own learning pathway to help you achieve your chosen qualifications."

Your commitment to professionalism

All our members are required to adhere to our Code of Ethics, a set of principles ensuring we maintain high standards of integrity, probity, and ethical fair dealing.

Ethics are a cornerstone of professionalism, and ethical behavior is crucial to secure public trust and confidence in the insurance and financial planning profession and to build a reputation which people value.

The Code of Ethics has been designed to provide members with practical, realistic guidance to follow.

Our members are required to:

  • Comply with the Code and all relevant laws and regulations;

  • Act with the highest ethical standards and integrity;

  • Act in the best interests of each client;

  • Provide a high standard of service;

  • Treat people fairly, regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation.

Failure to comply with the Code may result in disciplinary action against the member and risk adverse publicity for the member and their organization.

Transparency: A Companion to the Code of Ethics

The third in our series of Companions to the Code of Ethics provides a framework for professionals to use the Code of Ethics to reduce the expectation gap between what customers expect, and what service providers deliver. The transparency summarizes the key principles relating to transparency which professionals should observe at each of the following four stages of their customer engagement process:

  • Designing products and services;

  • Marketing products and services;

  • Engaging with customers for the first time;

  • Servicing customers throughout the policy life cycle.

Financially Inclusive Customer Outcomes: A Companion to the Code of Ethics

The second in our series of Companions to the Code of Ethics focuses on how to apply the core duties of the Code of Ethics to the needs of diverse customer groups.

Online ethics course

Designed to help members update their knowledge on the ‘s Code of Ethics. The course includes:

  • What do we mean by ethics?

  • Ethics and the business environment;

  • Ethics in insurance and financial services;

  • Ethics and your working environment;

  • How to handle ethical issues.

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